Monday, May 18, 2009

Military Sexcism

A victim of military rape hides beneath the
trauma she faced. Looks pretty ok
but feels broken.

Why should military women have to fear going to the bathroom and being raped? Whats so disturbing is the military's treatment of women after the rape or assault has been reported, the victims are often given poor medical treatment and no counseling to deal with the trauma. It's so sad how men just treat these women as they dont really matter. Women need to be comforted after these horrible experiences but no one cares to how they are treated in the miltiary. Women shouldn't have to be worried about being protected from the men. Rather they both should be equal and protect eachother when fighting for this country. In fact, both men and women are raped in the military. But to focus on women more, because many men do it because they feel the military is not a women's place indeed. Women faught to have to participate in the military. Men should be happy to have help. So women shouldn't be in fear of the unfair treatment and harsh consequences of being in the military.

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  1. Sera, excellent post. Your comment about how women worked so hard to get equal rights and now they have to fear what may happen to them in the military is so true! How frustrating!