Thursday, May 14, 2009

SeX Change: CaN it AffeCt YOuR PaychEck??

As akward as it may seem, it is true, sex change can affect your paycheck. Turns out that people who go through a sex change or even cross-dressing occasionally, would suffer a wage cut more so because of the so-called ''social stigmatization'' (social disapproval of personal characteristics).

In this article, "Before That Sex Change, Think About Your Next Paycheck" by New York Times writer
Catherine Rampell we hear about transgender issue currently taking place at many jobs today. Based on a N.Y Times article may 14 2009, it was stated this : ''It depends on the direction of the change: the study found that earnings for male-to-female transgender workers FELL by nearly one-third after their gender transitions, but earnings for female-to-male transgender workers INCREASED slightly". See, still a sexist attitude toward women in the workforce within sex changes, this time. It doesnt matter whether a male transforms to a female, or a female to male , the point is men will still get the better pay then women. Why is that so?

Hear this theory of Kristen Schilt ''male-to-female workers tend to be penalized, and female-to-male workers modestly rewarded because of anti-woman, rather than just anti-transgender, discrimination ". Even when a female changes to a man he still will get good pay. But for a man to a women it still wouldn't be fair, it would be wrong. Women still wouldn't get a fair pay because of this issue. Why is that? Well gender discrimination in the work force is the basic reason. I think women get treated differently because men more so think they can do a better job then women. In the begining men were supposed to make the money and the women sit back. But now women want to be independent and make their own money showing that they can do just as good as the men. Women dont get recognized for the hard work they do because men feel they have more power. Many men in the force are blind to see her pay check should be just as equal as his because she is doing just as equal work.

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